Hello! I’m Jenna, and I’m delighted you stopped by.

First and foremost, I am an optimist, a lover of light, animals, and adventure. A film camera, a passion, and a dream is where I began. I built my career on a bedrock of love, ambition, and a yearning to keep learning; I am a photo geek through and through.

I am also a people person who thrives on new interactions. From the energy of a wedding or special event to the calm and fun interactions during an engagement or portrait session, I am in my element.

I regularly travel across Canada and the world for both commissioned and personal projects, excited about the new people I will meet and the places I will see. No distance is too far nor too familiar, everywhere is an adventure.

Let’s create and capture memories together. I promise to catch those authentic moments with my editorial style and deliver images you will be proud to share with the world.

I’d love to connect with you. Tell me about your project, big or small, I’m excited to hear more.

Yours truly,

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